Online Access to Court Records

Online viewing of court records

Beginning in 2014, the Florida Supreme Court issued several administrative orders (AOSC 14-19, AOSC 15-18, AOSC 16-14 and AOSC 16-107) intended to permit the public to view non-confidential court records via the internet, while simultaneously protecting confidential and sensitive information.

In accordance with AOSC 16-107, a user’s viewing capabilities are governed by the role of the user wanting to see the court record, the type of case involved, the nature of the court record, and the nature of the information contained in the court record. What may and may not be viewed by users is specifically set by parameters approved by the Florida Supreme Court. The varying access levels are prescribed in the Security Matrix within the Supreme Court order

Public Viewing

General public access is available through CORE. This basic level of access allows the public to view non-confidential court records in non-confidential case types, but does not allow them to request access to documents that have not already been reviewed and published to CORE for viewing. Those utilizing the basic public access level are also not permitted to view records cases governed by the Florida Rules of Family Law or the Florida Probate Rules per state law.

Those who register and create a CORE account with the Clerk's Office will have the enhanced capability to request that new documents be reviewed and published to CORE. They are also able to view non-confidential records in cases governed by the Florida Rules of Family Law and the Florida Probate Rules.

For comprehensive information regarding viewing capabilities, please see the Security Matrix.


Anyone desiring the enhanced viewing capabilities provided to registered users will need to complete and sign the Registration Agreement to View Records Online and return it to the Clerk's Office following the instructions on the form.

Attorneys who are already registered with the Clerk's Office will need to complete, sign and return the Registration Agreement to View Records Online to ensure no disruption in service.

Certain agencies, entities, or law firms wanting to register multiple users also will need to complete and sign the Agency Registration Agreement to View Records Online and return it to the Clerk's Office following the instructions on the form.

A related Gatekeeper Management Request Form must be completed and returned to identify the authorized users within the pertinent agency, entity, or law firm; as well as an Agency Supplemental Request Form to designate replacement or additional gatekeepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I fill out a new registration form will I get my “old” access back?

Filling out the new State-mandated form for CORE registration will not increase access, but will preserve the access level already in place. If you had a CORE account established before the security changes on July 3, 2015, the access you have now is the same level that will be continued with the submission of your new registration form. For more information regarding the State Supreme Court mandate please visit the Florida Court Technologies Commission website.

Why can I not see cases on which I am an attorney of record?

Most issues with cases not being viewable by an attorney are because they are not actually listed as attorney of record in the CORE system. Verify that you are listed in the “Attorney” section of the case record on CORE. If you are not listed and have previously filed a Notice of Appearance, contact the Clerk department the case is filed in at (904) 255-2000 so that a deputy clerk can update the case. Once you are listed in the Attorney section, you should have access to most case records.

Why can I not see Probate case information cases on which I am an attorney of record?

In accordance with AOSC 16-14, even the Attorney of Record must submit a "View on Request" to view documents associated with Probate Cases. We are currently working with decision-makers regarding this stipulation.

You say my permissions haven't changed, so why can't I see documents that I could see previously?

In accordance with AOSC 16-14, attorneys who are not the Attorney of Record on a case have similar permissions as a Registered User. Under these permissions, most documents will still be available, but the attorney will not be able to immediately view documents marked as "View on Request". It is important to note that many of these documents ARE available, but must first be reviewed by a deputy clerk before they can be released for viewing. The Duval County Clerk’s Office does understand that this is a significant change versus the previous security model and may temporarily cause a disruption in the way that attorneys do business by not being able to immediately see information on cases on which they are not associated. Please realize that this is a Supreme Court-mandated security policy and phone calls to the Clerk’s Office will not be able to override these security measures.

I am representing myself (non-attorney) , how can I see my case information?

The pro se user must first register on CORE. The user must then fill out the Registration Agreement to View Records Online and list the cases in which they are representing themselves. The form can be notarized (to confirm identity) and submitted via the methods listed on the form.

A document shows "View on Request", what does this mean?

Documents marked as "View on Request" are available for public viewing. However, once the document has been requested, it must first be processed by a Clerk of Court employee to ensure that the document is properly redacted. This process must be performed manually on each document requested the first time it is released to the public. The time this takes is dependent upon manpower availability and the current workload. Alternatively, documents can be provided in person at the courthouse.

When the document has been published by the deputy clerk for viewing, the requester will receive an email notifying them that the document is ready to be viewed. Once a document has been published to CORE, it is available to be viewed by all CORE users who have access to it under the Security Matrix.

I am using Public Access and cannot see any documents and the icon says "unavailable", why?

Based on the user’s security level the “Unavailable” icon represents documents that are confidential and unavailable through the online portal. Some documents may be available if requested in person at the Duval Clerk’s Office. Please contact the specific department regarding the availability of these documents.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions about online access to court records or any of the forms included on this page which were not answered here, please contact the Duval Clerk’s Office.